Purchase I Wish It Would Rain (Softcover, Hardcover, and Kindle)

Click on the cover picture above to be taken to the  website where you can now purchase the book in soft or hard bound cover. You can also purchase it for Kindle.

Click on the cover picture above to be taken to the website where you can now purchase the book in soft or hard bound cover. You can also purchase it for Kindle.

The Story Behind The Book

After many re-writes, edits, thoughts and prayers, I Wish It Would Rain is finally available for purchase. However, it has often been speculated about exactly the subject of this book. After all, Jimi released a book by the same title in 2005. That book told the story of Jimi’s struggle and battle with depression. While honest and true, it simply was not the complete story. This new book is the rest of that story. 

Jimi tells his story of touring in the music world, seeing dreams come true and dreams shattered.  He shares how a change of career, a continual struggle with identity, and a bicycle wreck would result in him becoming a man he never imagined he could become.  What he purposely did not reveal to people in that first book was his struggle and life altering addiction to prescription pain medication.  This book does that. He openly allows the reader into his private world of depression and addiction.  It is often unbelievable, sad, graphic, and yet honest and real.

This is also a book of hope, redemption and restoration.  It is a testimony that although addiction will destroy a life, it doesn’t have to.  One chapter, written by Jimi’s wife, is a sincere and honest look through the eyes of the innocent and how addiction affects others. 

I Wish It Would Rain (One Man's Story of Addiction, Depression, and Redemption)  is a must read for anyone struggling with addiction and depression and for those who are directly affected by this disease.  It is also a testimony that God can change and restore a life, regardless of the past. 


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Book Excerpts

What Others Are Saying.....

"Jimi Ray's book cannot come at a more important time in the history of modern medicine. This book is a must read for all of those who have been touched by the disease of addiction. It should required reading for every prescriber of opiate pain medication and every emergency room, clinic, or hospital administrator who thinks that gratifying a patient's wishes in order to improve patient satisfaction scores is the hallmark of a great clinician."
-Pamela J. Wright-Etter, MD, MHA, FAPA
Asst. Clinical Professor of Neuroscience & Behavioral Medicine
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

"I got tickled, I cried, I felt saddness, I felt a personal connection, I felt anxiety, heartbrokenness, love, understanding...at times I wanted to skip some parts because it was almost unbearable to read, I dreamed at times about the experiences I read, I saw a man go from life to death and back to life again"

-Geri....McLeansville, Illinois

"From the songs we've written and the shows we've played together , Jimi Ray always did everything with all his heart. I expected the same with "I Wish It Would Rain", and that's what I got..Honesty and passion with Gods amazing redemption. Thanks for reminding us that God loves us all...No Matter What We've Done.."

-Brian White, Singer/Songwriter, Writer of 2007 Billboard Magazine’s Most Played Country Song of the Year “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins.