I'm sure most people who know me figured I would start with this one! And most people know I am a major KISS fan. Let's set the stage back to 1975. A friend at my school had this album with them. When I saw the cover I about lost my mind. I had no idea about this band other than the fact that I had heard others talking about them. My dad was gracious enough to buy me a copy and that's when it all began. My all time love for KISS started right then and there. I was only 12 years old.  This record and band was instrumental in my life because it showed me the value of entertainment. As my career as an artist would evolve other the years, I always wanted people that listened to my music to be glad they did. Even though I wanted to send a message with my music, I also wanted people to be entertained. 


When I would listen to this record, I would be transfixed looking at the front and back cover as well as the inside cover and the booklet included with the packaging. I knew every word of every song. I began plastering my walls with KISS posters. I was not any different than thousands of other young people across the world. This was my band and they understood everything about me. It would be a year later before I got to actually see them for the first time. I saw them on New Years Eve 1977 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.  I will never forget it as it was my first real rock concert experience. I've seen them upwards of 14 times at this point and I have tickets to the End of the Road farewell show in April. Now on to the record!


This was the record that finally put this band over the edge. The first 3 records, KISS, Hotter Than Hell, and Dressed to Kill, while really good records, did not sell like the record company hoped for. The recordings just did not match up to the live show. Actually the idea of doing a live record was shunned but management and the band prevailed. What was once thought of as a disaster waiting to happen ended up being the thing that caused KISS to become the worldwide superstars they became. To date that record alone has sold more than 9 million copies and is considered one of the greatest selling live records of all time! It somewhat set the bar and standard for others. 


So-my favorites on this record are Strutter, 100,000 years, Black Diamond, and Cold Gin. I have had an original copy of this from back in the day but somewhere along life's journey all of my vinyl disappeared. I then owned it and still do on CD and cassette. About 2 years ago I went back and bought another copy of the vinyl in it's original pressing. 


So tell me what the record meant to you! What are your favorite songs? Something see the pic of the back cover from 1975 and then there is a pic of the same guys, Bruce Redonte and Lee Neaves again in 2009. They are also holding the very same banner they originally held for the back cover. The show was recorded at Cobo Hall in Detroit but there are also parts recorded at other venues as well. And is not entirely live. KISS had to go in and "clean up" mistakes and so forth in the studio. However, it is still a live record for what it's worth. 


So this is my first blog post here. Not everyone will have any kind of detail about the records. But for a start, I hope you enjoyed reading and will continue to come back to my site and my blog page. Keep digging for vinyl everyone!


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