I Gotta Get a Record Player!

I am fortunate in some sense that I grew up when records were the main medium for listening to music. At the same time 8-track tapes were as popular. I drove a 1976 Toyota celica when i was a teen and there was a player in the car. I had my KISS and my Ted Nugent and everything else in that car. But it was the vinyl records that were sacred in my bedroom. If I had one regret from the past (I have many actually!)  it would be that I got rid of my all my vinyl collection. Who would have thought it would return? I gave in to the CD craze. Such is life and life changes. I also remember my Technics turntable that I had all the way iinto my 3rd or 4th year of marriage. Eventually it gave out on me and to the curb it went. 


A few years ago, I had made the decision that I would get back into collecting. I found this USB compatible turntable at a pawnshop and brought it home. It was cheap and also used. It was in very good shape as well. I got excited and hooked it up to my Sony receiver along with my JBL bookshelf speakers. I was just anticipating placing that needle on the first Foreigner record. "Feels Like the First Time" was ready to go. The needle drops and....oh no..the sound was not good. It did not have what I knew it should sound like.  So i tried a few other records and the same results. I was so frustrated. I boxed that thing up and decided that I would buy a vintage turntable which I knew would do the job.  One of my favorite record stores is Remember When Records and Tapes in Greensboro, NC. The owner John and his wife. who are in their late 70's have been the sole owners and clerks at this store for over 30 years. It is simply amazing. If John ain't got it, it probably don't exist! He also sells turntables. They have been set up, calibrated, and are completely ready to go. I could not wait to get to the store! After looking at several I chose a vintage 1978 Fisher machine. I ordered a higher grade needle and replaced it as well. I have to say it sounds amazing. For my dollar, vintage will always be the way to go. You can see this TT in the pic below.


There are many great players out there. Stay away from Crosley and the like. They are merely toys. I guess they are ok for the young pre-teen or early teen girl who just wants to get into the ""fad" as some people say it is. She or He may buy a few records by their favorite pop star but eventually my bet is they just stick with their phone for their music choices. Nothing at all wrong with that. I still use a streaming service for when I am not at home. I still play CD's in my car as well as my streaming service. My point is..do yourself a favor and spend a little money on a good turntable. It will also help preserve your record collection. The stand alone players such as Crosley have a tendency to dig into the vinyl and destroy it over time. Again this is just my own opinion. The point is to get something that will help you enjoy the vinyl experience. Now if you decide to go this route you will also need an amp/receiver and speakers. But hey..that's part of the fun also! I have 4 different sets of speakers and I often change them out. Right now I am happy with my Bose 201 bookshelf speakers. They are vintage from 1983. I found them at an antique mall and paid the guy pennies for them.

Ok..go get started! Get yourself a turntable! I gave my son one for Christmas. I bought him a Audio-Technica on Amazon. It plays great and sounds great. I got it for around $165.00. Alright ya'll, I'm going to now throw on some Rick James and do whatever else I have to do! Until next time..Keep Digging For Vinyl!




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